Are You a Movie Buff?

Ask my boyfriend and he’ll tell you there aren’t many movies I haven’t seen. This can make date night especially difficult when he doesn’t want to watch something I’ve already seen AND new movies aren’t available on HBO® yet.

But, I can’t help it! I’m a ‘90s kid – I grew up binge-watching Disney movies, eating way too many Lunchables® and obsessing over my giga pet™. #RIPkitty

Ok, so as it turns out I’m NOT technically speaking an actual movie buff. But so what if I can’t name every director, producer, songwriter for every movie I’ve ever seen ever. I like collecting my ticket stubs and looking back on all the movies I went to. I like movies because of the stories they tell – for the characters’ triumphs and tragedies. I like the emotional combinations of music and climactic scenes! (Can I get an “Amen!!”)

I don’t need to be a walking/talking movie trivia card – I’m just fine being another obsessive movie consumer whose main concerns are if they’ll open early on Thursday night, or do I have to wait until Friday, and if there will be extra scenes after the credits. The struggle is real, people.

Happy movie watching!

(Are you a movie buff? Or, do you just really, really like the smell of hot and buttery popcorn??)

Leave your favorite movies in the comments below!


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