Beware of “Fad Diets”

Recently my boyfriend and I have transitioned into a gluten free lifestyle. Recently, the production of gluten free products has skyrocketed; or, at least the promotion of them has increased.

To me, going gluten free is the latest “fad diet.” (Much like Atkins and the South Beach Diet.)

I know quite a few people who have jumped on various diet bandwagons, only to succumb to temptation a few months later. Initially they feel great – rejuvenated, born again, so to speak. And then reality kicks in – extreme fad diets are hard to follow and frequently unsuccessful.

A mere 77% of people who pledged to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution maintained their pledges for 1 week but only 19% for 2 years.

That’s a lot of determination gone down the drain and even worse is the failed diet rebound. Nearly 65% of dieters return to their pre-dieting weight within three years.


Photo source: Check out their PowerPoint for good and bad advantages of the different types of diets!

Do you have any tips for sticking to a diet and staying on track with an exercise regimen? I’d love any advice!

Now, to get back to this delicious sandwich…don’t judge…it’s Day 2 of the Gluten Free Diet. Let’s just say I’m taking it slow.


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