Mother Knows Best…

I’ve been having some trouble lately with mild headaches to migraines and it’s got me to thinking – how I have become someone who suffers from chronic pain? Is it environmental? Biological? I think the answer is yes – my “condition” is a result of biological elements and the environment I’ve created for myself. Here are some definitions and their context, so that you can get an idea of what I’m talking about:

  • elements – both the hard-wired, biologically pre-determined ailments and how I have adapted my life according to familiar family practices and advice.
  • environment – the physical world I live in (i.e., my work space and home)

Most people have heard the saying “Mother knows best.” And most of those people had heard that phrase BEFORE the movie Tangled (2010) popularized it.

"Mother Knows Best (Reprise)" is a song performed by Mother Gothel and Rapunzel. - Frozen (2013)

“Mother Knows Best (Reprise)” is a song performed by Mother Gothel and Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled (2010).

It’s because of this “advice from Mom,” these lessons I learned at an early age  from family and caregivers, that I respond to physical pain the way that I do – treat the symptoms, not the cause. While taking care of a small ache with a dose of painkillers isn’t bad, it still begs the question – can this be habit-forming? Will taking medications regularly turn me into an addict? Am I an addict?

On average, I’d say I get 5 headaches per week. Each time I take a dose (two pills) to help with the pain. That’s 10 pills a week or 520 pills a year – scary stuff! So, am I an addict? I don’t “feel” like one, but maybe my body is telling me a different story.


Here’s the “Thing”…

So, here’s the thing about diets – as a follow-up to my previous posts on dieting and gluten free – they’re HARD. And I mean, really, really hard. Especially when you grew in the South (or, as southern as Florida can get) and are used to your Momma making enough food to feed a household of 10.

I’m sure you can all guess how “well” I’ve been on my diet – have I been sticking to the “approved” foods? Following my exercise plan?

The answer is no – and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it either.

Yours truly,
A foodholic