“Me” Time

The older I get, or rather the older I FEEL, I’m beginning to understand the TRUE VALUE and IMPORTANCE of “me” time.

I, like many people I know, have a problem with stress. Must more importantly, stress management. I recently read in article in Shape magazine about iceberg stress – how we’re only really aware of a fraction of the stress we have and like an iceberg, there’s a whole lot more going on just under the surface.

They key to managing this kind of stress and not driving yourself crazy in the process is to first actually determine what you’re stressed about. I find that writing down ALL of the things I’m obsessively thinking about helps me actually SEE what’s going on in my head – without me even realizing it!

The second thing to do is find a stress management system that works for you! I enjoy photography, journaling, meditation, yoga and exercise, as well as a good old-fashioned nap! Sometimes these activities last an hour or more, and other times I just need a quick 5-10 minute meditation session to help clear my mind.

By doing these simple things, we can begin to understand what’s going on in our life a little bit better.


What’s REALLY lurking beneath the surface? (Photo courtesy of StressExperts.)

So – how do you deal with stress? Meditation and yoga? Do you go on short walks during the day to clear your mind? What works and what doesn’t – I want to hear!


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