Study Tips for the GRE

I’ve decided to take the plunge and apply to grad school. And, for me, that means taking the GRE. …commence freak out.

I haven’t studied for a test like this since 2006-7 – when I took the SAT 3 times and the ACT 1 time trying to get my goal score. Do you know how expensive those tests are?? And, I took 4!

I can’t afford to retake the GRE a million times – I don’t have the money or time to “spend” on it, even if it means a better chance of getting into school.

So, I started researching 3-month study plans for the GRE. And you know what I found? There are a few million resources out there (Google reports 174,000! Still way too many for me to use.) and they all basically say the same thing – follow our boring study outline and you’ll do great.

The problem with this? It’s boring. Boring beyond boring. Netflix binge-watching is definitely WAY more interesting. So I brainstormed…how can I make studying not so boring? Here are a few things I came up with:

Izzie’s Fun Study GRE Tips:

  • Develop a study plan that works for you. I planned 3 months of study, with each month devoted to a topic – Math, Verbal and Analytical. Assign tasks for each day, keeping it simple and light!
  • Complete the Sudoku in your daily paper. This keeps your mind sharp and helps with analyzing patterns and combinations.
  • Complete (or attempt to) the Crossword in said daily paper. This will help your vocabulary, word association and analysis skills.
  • Read the Comics (political cartoons are optional) in the paper. I find that reading the comics is a good way to allow your brain to decompress in a way. It’s practically one of the best times during my work day (except for morning coffee and afternoon tea).

And there you have it – 4 fun tips to studying for the GRE!



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