Old School Tech vs. New Age Tech

How has new-age technology impacted us? We can see, feel and experience it’s impact in our daily lives – increased violence and desensitization to violence, decreased empathy, little-to-no family interaction – when was the last time your family sat down at the dining room table for a meal? Or enjoyed a family game night? – among many, many other things.

Technology has also helped society in very positive and life-changing ways – better medical care, interactive and innovative teaching tools, keeping people connected, etc.

All of this has got me thinking…what would happen in a world-wide apocalyptic situation? Would we be able to keep in touch with our neighbors? What about world-wide communication? Are CB radios still a thing…how do you even use a CB radio?

This is definitely food for thought and something we should all be thinking about as the world continues to become a massive desensitized place of violence.


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