27 Things That Happen When You Turn 27

  1. You’re in complete denial that you’re one year closer to the big 3-0. As such, you awaken your inner child and plan Disney vacations.
  2. People tell you to stop complaining about your age – either because they’re older OR, better yet, much younger and internally thankful that they’re not that old. YET.
  3. You find 1+ gray hair.
  4. You may or may not be considering coloring your hair on a regular basis.
  5. You find yourself crying randomly and aren’t sure why.
  6. You consider opening a 401K.
  7. You start paying attention to your 401K’s performance. (Dammit, NASDAQ– get your shit together!)
  8. You actually ENJOY watching the news in the morning. While you sip hot tea and cuddle up with your afghan.
  9. You wake up in the middle of the night to empty your suddenly weak as hell bladder.
  10. In the morning, it hurts to move. Despite your lumbar support bed and pillows.
  11. You realize you ACTUALLY can’t sleep without your lumbar support pillows.
  12. You receive samples for anti-aging cream. -.-
  13. Your parents/siblings say – “Don’t you feel old, yet??” Thanks, Mom.
  14. Your DVR is filled with HGTV home makeover shows. “Open concept” living = goals.
  15. The junior’s sections in department stores are so not age-appropriate.
  16. Your “seasonal wardrobe” includes cardigans. CARDIGANS!
  17. You’re concerned that your jeans are “mom jeans”…and you’re not a mom.
  18. Your scale reminds you that you really didn’t need to order pizza last night…for the third time this week.
  19. You don’t remember that you ordered pizza three times this week.
  20. You find yourself enjoying pre-bedtime reading. (Of a self-help book, no less.)
  21. You realize you have a BEDTIME. Under eye circles are real. And they’re not pretty.
  22. You learn to enjoy a decent glass of wine. And how to tell the difference (pre-hangover) between the good stuff and the cheap stuff.
  23. You realize the importance of family and friends; and what keeping in touch with them means.
  24. You have a savings account.
  25. You rediscover life’s little miracles. Whadup sunrise, where you been?
  26. You enjoy nap time. Seriously – can we make this a daily thing?
  27. You realize that your life hasn’t ended; if anything it’s just getting started.

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