Water, Water Everywhere

**Repost: This is critical information that everyone should know!**

“False Mondays” are the worst – you know what I’m talking about – they’re the day after a Monday holiday. One of the best things I’ve found that helps get me through these days is WATER!

It’s easy to forget that our body needs water – a recommended 8-12 cups PER DAY!

Dehydration Symptoms include:
~ fatigue and/or dizziness
~ poor concentration
~ muscle cramps
~ dull, dry skin
~ bad breath
~ mood swings
~ chills
~ back or joint ache
~ headache
~ sugar cravings

Join this month’s challenge – let’s drink our 8-12 cups/day and see our transformations.

Take a photo of yourself now and save it – we’ll compare on Sept. 30!


My naked selfie! Sept. 6, 2016

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